Monday 16 December 2019

Handful of councils are yet to reveal figures

Handful of councils have yet to reveal their figures
Handful of councils have yet to reveal their figures

Wayne O'Connor and Claire McCormack

FOLLOWING the local elections in May, the Irish Independent contacted all 31 local authorities to compile a list of retirement gratuity payments due to county councillors who had bowed out of political life.

Many of these councillors left politics after failing to get re-elected.

There were also those who retired with the disbandment of the country's 80 town and borough councils.

Nearly all of the councils contacted were able to supply the information requested.

Dublin City Council said it would not be making the figures available until October, when it plans to publish them on its website.

Calculations are yet to be finalised by Donegal County Council because it is seeking advice from the Revenue Commissioners on what tax should be applied.

Kerry County Council said that it would be unable to provide details of the payments until later this autumn because it had "other more immediate priorities".

Cavan County Council was able to disclose most of the payment details for the county, apart from those to former town councillors in Belturbet and Cootehill, who have yet to get their payments.

Cork County Council furnished the Irish Independent with information for all gratuities in the county with the exception of those related to Fermoy, Macroom, Midleton and Skibbereen town councils.

Clare County Council spent just over €670,000 on gratuities but did not give a break down of what each councillor received.

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