Saturday 17 March 2018

Halligan: 'Lunatics' told me to 'look under my car'

Junior Minister for Training and Skills John Halligan Photo: Douglas O'Connor
Junior Minister for Training and Skills John Halligan Photo: Douglas O'Connor
Niall O'Connor

Niall O'Connor

A government minister has claimed to have received a bomb threat following a speech he made on the issue of fatal foetal abnormalities.

Waterford TD John Halligan said he contacted gardaí after being told to "look under my car".

The newly appointed Junior Minister for Training and Skills says he and his family have been targeted by "lunatics" who disagree with his pro-choice views. "I am pro-choice, I am quite clear on that and I suffered absolute unbelievable abuse from a small element of what I would call the pro-life mob," Mr Halligan told RTÉ's 'Marian Finucane' programme.

"I had literature put through my door at 2am. I had threats to look under my car, which the gardaí were aware of," he added. The Independent Alliance minister said the vitriol levelled at TDs over issues such as abortion needs to be addressed.

"My daughters suffered abuse when they were around Waterford on it and I continue to suffer it," he said.

"My fear is always when you have all this abuse that 'we will kill you'...and that sort of stuff, that you wonder if there is someone out there that may not be, if you like, 100pc mentally okay. Can it happen? Can somebody do it?

"Can some lunatic come along and do something?

"Enough is enough, we need to do something about this."

Mr Halligan was responding to an article in the 'Sunday Independent' by former Labour Party leader Joan Burton, who said female TDs in particular are subjected to "threatening behaviour" on social media platforms.

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