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Government social housing plan to get go-ahead


Environment Minister Alan Kelly

Environment Minister Alan Kelly

Environment Minister Alan Kelly

THE Government will this week unveil a major new social housing plan which aims to deliver around 10,000 new units by 2018.

Independent.ie understands that the government has increased its total spend for the scheme beyond its original target of €2.2bn.

Among the measures expected to be introduced include a new model of public housing which will be aimed at assisting people currently priced out of the property market.

Significant funds will be set aside to assist councils in restoring void properties while a greater role in housing provision will be given to voluntary bodies.

The five year social housing strategy is due to be discussed at Cabinet tomorrow as the government faces accusations that it is failing to address a homeless crisis in Dublin.

Environment Minister Alan Kelly, who previously described the State's reliance on private developers to provide social housing as "unacceptable", is set to unveil the full suite of measures later in the week.

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