Sunday 18 February 2018

Gerry Adams writes bizarre blog on hair cut after ‘Sinn Fein style police’ tell him to get cut

Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams Newsdesk Newsdesk

AN election may be just weeks away – but Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams today posted a bizarre blog about getting his hair cut.

He said he didn’t want his first blog of the year to be about politics.

Mr Adams said he hates barbers who ‘talk incessantly…especially (about) politics’.

However he revealed he was forced into a trip to the barbers by the ‘Sinn Fein Style police’.

“I had managed to avoid getting my hair cut for a long time – well longer than usual – when I was pulled in by the Sinn Féin style police.

Your hair and beard are too long they told me. Get them cut I was instructed.”

He then proceeds to describe his search for a Turkish barbers in Dublin.

“I felt a bit conspicuous standing outside the shuttered shop with its posters proclaiming hot towels, shaves and other mysterious procedures.”

He also describes a talk with a female shop assistant about the barbers, when he learned it had shut down.

"The young woman behind the counter looked as if she was Polish. She was tall and angular and she had a nice smile."

He said he thought he noticed her eyes misting over as she spoke about the owner:

"I imagined Abdullah being drawn from his empty barber shop to the young Polish woman with the nice smile. I imagined him confiding in her about difficult things were. They were both exiles. I presumed Abdullah was young.  She obviously missed him now."

He later refers “the beautiful Polish shop assistant and her Turkish lover", as he recounts the story to an aid.

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