Monday 19 February 2018

Gerry Adams: 'I work on the basis my phone is being tapped'

Gerry Adams. Photo: Tom Burke
Gerry Adams. Photo: Tom Burke
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

SINN Fein leader Gerry Adams has claimed to “work on the basis” that his phone is being tapped.

Mr Adams was commenting on claims from Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy that she was forced use throw away phones during the Siteserv/IBRC controversy as she was warned her personal phone may be tapped.

“I work on the basis that my phone is tapped…because that’s the way the system works,” he said.

Mr Adams said bugs were previously found in Sinn Fein offices and his car.

He also pointed to the Government’s reaction to the controversy surrounding the recording of certain phone calls in Garda stations.

“Why when the Attorney General told the Taoiseach she wanted to talk to him about revelations around the tapping of telephone conversations in Garda stations did they decide they didn’t want to have the conversation on the phone,” he said.

Mr Adams was speaking as he announced Sinn Fein MEP Matt Carthy as the party’s director of election for the forthcoming campaign.

Mr Carthy previously came under fire for the involvement of child killer and Lord Mountbatten murder Tommy McMahon in his campaign to get elected to the European Parliament.

Today, Mr Adams defended McMahon’s work with Sinn Fein and compared the former IRA killer – who served 20 years in prison for the murder of Mountbatten and two teenage boys – with the First President of Ireland Eamon De Valera.

He said there are many former political prisoners working for Sinn Fein or serving as elected representatives.

“Things have changed, things have moved on and people who are part of the party and that includes people who are formerly prisoners play a very, very constructive role,” Mr Adams said.

“We just need to get a bit of sense. Eamon De Valera was former political prisoner,” he added.

Mr Carthy said people in Monaghan, where he is based, would be surprised if McMahon was not involved in Sinn Fein’s campaign.

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