Tuesday 16 January 2018

Garda Whistleblower John Wilson to consider running in General Election

Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

GARDA whistleblower John Wilson is considering running in the next general election.

Wilson said he had intended running in the local elections in the Cavan area but was forced to pull out due to ill health.

“I had intended to run in the local elections in Cavan but I got ill and I’m glad to have survived that ordeal but I will consider running in two years time in the General Election as an Independent,” he said.

Wilson said he expected many more Independents to make up the next Government and hoped that would remove the apathy among voters.

“Something that can’t be forgotten here is the fact that nearly 50pc of the electorate did not vote in either election. That is a damning indictment of our current political system,” he said.

He added that this type of apathy breeds dissent and fuels extreme right-wing and left-wing parties, which was “very, very damaging for the political process”.

“But the mainstream parties have no one to blame but themselves,” he added.

Wilson said he was confident the whistleblower controversy had an impact on the electorate's decision to elect Independents and smaller parties.

"I believe it played some part in the demise of the so-called establishment parties, of that I have no doubt. But the reality is we have a government that are purely a government for the economy.

"They have forgotten about society, they have forgotten about people in society who are in dire need of help. The real test of any government is the way they treat the underprivileged in society and the needy," he said.

Wilson has been involved in Luke 'Ming' Flanagan's election campaign from the outset and said he was "delighted" that Flanagan looked set to top the poll.

“I think the results for the Labour party will focus their minds and I would imagine Mr Gilmore won’t survive for very very long. But really and truly I’d say the Government now will cling onto power for dear life for the next two years because they know what is facing them.

“Fianna Fail got a major hiding three years ago and I think Fine Gael and the Labour Party are facing a similar fate in 2016, he added.

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