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Floating Voter podcast: 'The likes of which we have never seen before' - Kinahan-Hutch feud and the Square Mile of Death

Locals are living in fear in a ‘square mile of death’ says Councillor Nial Ring who represents the north Dublin inner city area which is under siege after another killing this week in the Hutch-Kinahan gangland war.

Councillor Ring was speaking on this week’s Floating Voter and he warned that unless an end is put to this feud, ‘these guys will have taken over the north inner city drugs and criminality within six months. This like a group trying to create a state within in a state and be immune to what they want to do.’


The overall feeling in the area is one of ‘confusion, anger and fear’ says the Ballybough native.

“My own mother lives 200 yards from where some of the killings took place and she and her friends were afraid to go to mass. There’s no rules of engagement with this feud and no sign of any action or that it’s going to stop which is what’s worrying people the most.”

“Inner city drug dealing has taken a sinister turn with the Kinahans coming in. It’s an international criminality that we can’t grasp the size and significance of and that’s the scary thing. Enda Kenny has no concept of it – you’re going up against huge money, ruthlessness and brutality the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Ring met with the latest victim, Gareth Hutch, this week and he said Hutch was only there for one purpose: he was in fear for his life.

“He did not want to be shot in front of his son and he wanted something to be done. He was a worried and desperate man. He told me as he was leaving, ‘I know the f**kers will get me but they wont do it in front of my son’ . He was almost resigned to what was going to happen to him.”

“If this was happening in Mayo or Minister Fitzgerald’s constituency I’m sure a lot more would have been done about it and that’s why you have this sense of abandonment in the area.”

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