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Fine Gael's plan to solve a problem like Lucinda


Fine gael Councillor Kate O’Connell

Fine gael Councillor Kate O’Connell

Fine gael Councillor Kate O’Connell

Fine Gael has unveiled its counter-attack to Renua leader Lucinda Creighton's bid for the general election - Councillor Kate O'Connell.

Cllr O'Connell, who was selected alongside sitting TD Eoghan Murphy to run in the General Election, said she wanted the seat - and "doesn't care at whose expense it is".

Ms O'Connell - who political observers have referred to as "Lucinda nua" and "Lucinda eile" - said she was very much her own person and was not interested in comparisons with the former junior minister.

"I wouldn't see much similarities. I have my own business, I work in the community.

"I entered politics quite late, so I don't see myself like her at all."

Ms O'Connell is expecting her third child in September.

"I have another child on the way, so my husband will be busy," she quipped.

She said she was delighted to be selected by Fine Gael members in Dublin Bay South "in her own right" and without the need of a party directive to ensure a gender balance on the ticket.

Party headquarters had said that of the two candidates to go forward, at least one had to be a woman.

Ms O'Connell was elected without the need for the directive to be applied.

She paid tribute to Cllr Kieran Binchy, who she said ran her close for the second spot on the ticket, describing him as a fine councillor.

Mr Binchy had been nominated by Senator Catherine Noone, who is a long-term friend of Ms Creighton.

Lawyer Linda O'Shea Farren also contested the convention.

Ms O'Connell is a pharmacist and was elected a councillor last year.

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