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Fine Gael slam Dublin councillor's comments on social media as 'unacceptable'


Fine Gael have slammed recent comments by a party councillor on social media as "unacceptable".

Dublin councillor Brian Murphy has posted a number of comments on Twitter in the last week that have come under scrutiny.


"The Irish military should not be being forced to act as a ferry service for smugglers and illegal economic migrants in the Mediterranean," he wrote on September 1.

Another post as part of a series of tweets on September 5 read: "Sharia Law is operating in Ireland and most of the political class either do not know or do not care. It is a subversion of our legal system".

Mr Murphy came under fire from a number of Twitter users, including one who said the councillor's timeline "is something that I hoped I would never see from an Irish representative".

A Fine Gael spokesperson said that Mr Murphy’s recent comments "will be dealt with by the Fine Gael party".


"Fine Gael is a party of the progressive centre and is a committed European party," said the spokesperson.

"Earlier this year, Fine Gael Intercultural (FGI) was set up. Fine Gael want to create a fair and caring society where everybody is engaged in democracy, and where there are no barriers to equal opportunity.

"The party is committed to playing its role in assisting refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants. All people, regardless of class, dogma, ideology, race, religion or creed, should be treated equally and fairly."

Councillor Murphy said that "everything I have said is true" when contacted by independent.ie for comment.


"Fine Gael is the political party I love and it is the greatest political party, but we are a broad church, and I do not want this country creating parallel societies within our society as has happened in Europe," he said.

"Islam does not integrate or assimilate and that should not be a controversial statement, the evidence is there in the no-go zones around Europe and the billions and billions that now have to be spent monitoring an ever increasing number of Jihadis in every European country".

The councillor came in for criticism earlier this year after an insensitive tweet about a boy with autism who spoke on The Late Late Show.

Hughie Malone, a boy with autism spoke on RTE show about the symptoms of autism and how those with autism should be treated.

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During Malone’s appearance, Mr Murphy took to Twitter and wrote: “Some kid on Late Late Show just said he wants to fly planes into buildings when he grows up #LateLateShow”

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