Sunday 24 March 2019

Fianna Fail Senator: ‘Dublin seagulls have lost the run of themselves completely and must be stopped’

Ned O'Sulllivan and a seagull
Ned O'Sulllivan and a seagull
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

A FIANNA Fail senator has called on the Government to take action against “raucous” seagulls that are attacking young children.

Ned O’Sullivan said seagulls have “lost the run of themselves” in Dublin City and are even taking lollipops from children.

A seagull not thought to be involved in any tomfoolery
A seagull not thought to be involved in any tomfoolery

Speaking in the Seanad, the Kerry politician said: “They are very raucous, they are keeping people awake.

They are getting so cheeky now they are attacking young children.”

Mr O’Sullivan said the new Minister for the Environment Minister Alan Kelly needed to take action.

“I have nothing against pigeons - I can take or leave pigeons - but I am very much against Seagulls,” he said.

“I think something needs to be done to address the seagull problem here in this city."

When he was jeered by his senate colleagues, Mr O’Sullivan replied: “It’s the last day give me wings”

He added: "It might be funny to many people but it's a serious issue in the city.

"They're not seagulls, they really are vermin. Scavenger gulls. Dump gulls."

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