Tuesday 17 September 2019

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power 'absolutely' rules out sharing power with Sinn Fein

Senator Averil Power. Photo: Tom Burke
Senator Averil Power. Photo: Tom Burke

Philip Ryan, Political Correspondent

FIANNA Fail Senator Averil Power said she would be willing to go into government with Fine Gael to keep Sinn Fein and other left wing parties out of power.

However, Ms Power said she would only go into government with Fine Gael if they agreed to implement Fianna Fail policies.

“I have major policy differences with Fine Gael,” she told RTE Radio One.

“I’m not saying in no circumstances would we go into government with them because it would depend.

“We don’t know what way things are going to come through in the next election. Things are very, very fluid at the moment.”

She added: “If the country was looking at a situation where the alternative was Sinn Fein, United Left Alliance, People Before Profit, Anti Austerity Alliance and five or six other fringe far-left groups, 30 or 40 Independents, of course, we would have to look at that situation and think what’s best for the country”

Her comments follow a week of controversy over Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney’s admission he would be prepared to put “civil war baggage” aside and go into Government with Fianna Fail.

Ms Power “absolutely” ruled out sharing power with Sinn Fein due to the party’s handling of Mairia Cahill’s child sex abuse allegations.

“If you look at the Mairia Cahill stuff, I don’t want to see a Sinn Fein Minister for Justice,” she said.

“Not one of them broke ranks on that. Not one TD. I don’t want to see that party holding the office of the Minister for Justice in this country.

I think a lot of their economics don’t add up and they are an overly populist party.”

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