Thursday 26 April 2018

FG TD says main power line in path of mum's home

Martin Heydon, Fine Gael deputy for Kildare South
Martin Heydon, Fine Gael deputy for Kildare South


A FINE Gael backbencher has revealed that the main pylon project being planned by EirGrid is in the path of his mother's home.

Kildare South TD Martin Heydon has said he has been inundated with constituents' concerns over the proposed Grid Link overhead power line which will run from Cork via Waterford to Kildare.

The first-time TD said the issue was worrying his "neighbours and friends", adding that his own family could be directly affected.

Mr Heydon told the Irish Independent that his mother's home, located south of Kilcullen, is in the path of the proposed €500m project.


"I've received a lot of calls about this from my local area. Some of my neighbours are extremely concerned about the plans. There is a lot of anxiety and that is completely justified," he said.

"Any person whose home or business are in the path of these projects have genuine concerns.

"I'm not trying to over-egg the fact that my mother is one as there are so many others.

"I have made a submission to EirGrid, and I do believe there needs to be a change of tact here. There needs to be a full cost-benefit analysis of running the lines underground."

Mr Heydon said the cost-benefit analysis was extremely important, given the concerns shared by a number of industries about running the pylons overground.

"EirGrid hasn't provided us with cold hard facts about running them underground. Those facts are needed as soon as possible," he added.

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