Friday 19 July 2019

FG Cabinet critics of drink laws not fit for office - Ross

Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Damien Eagers
Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Damien Eagers
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

Transport Minister Shane Ross has launched a stinging attack on Fine Gael Cabinet colleagues by insisting that ministers who criticised Garda enforcement of drink-driving laws are "unfit for Government".

The minister has been the focus of critical briefings by anonymous Fine Gael ministers who are furious over the backlash they faced from constituents over Garda roadside breathalyser tests.

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At a Cabinet meeting last week, Fine Gael ministers, including Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, complained about an increase in early morning Garda checkpoints during the Christmas period.

However, Mr Ross told the Sunday Independent: "It goes without saying that any minister who would oppose gardai enforcing the law would be unfit for Government."

Writing in today's newspaper, Mr Ross also scathingly attacks the "lunatic fringe" in Leinster House who have been "huffing and puffing about the evil of breathalysing drink-drivers in the morning".

He also criticises anonymous politicians who "lurk in the shadows" to brief the media against drink-driving laws.

"There are some very odd people with very soft voices roaming the corridors of power," he writes.

"It's a sobering thought that there are low standards in high places when it comes to drink," he adds.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said he supports all laws passed by parliament.

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