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FF's Dooley slams Charlie drama as 'a tabloid caricature'


Timmy Dooley

Timmy Dooley

Timmy Dooley

A leading member of Fianna Fáil has branded the RTÉ drama 'Charlie' as a caricature and a "tabloid" manipulation of events.

Speaking yesterday, the party's Transport spokesman Timmy Dooley, an ally of leader Micheál Martin, said the programme does not reflect accurately central characters or real events that took place three decades ago.

Mr Dooley (pictured below) said: "I think it was a caricature. I think it is a tabloid compilation of sketches."

He added that the party portrayed is very different to the Fianna Fáil he is involved in.

"It is a different era, a different time and very much a different party to the one I am involved in and a part of...While I suppose there is some attachment to history, its telling is in sketch-like mode, in sound bites we have all heard over the years. I don't think it reflects on the central characters or the time well."

Mr Dooley raised criticisms made by former Irish Independent journalist Bruce Arnold, whose phone Mr Haughey ordered to be tapped.

"I look to someone like Bruce Arnold, and he has been writing where he felt it was a poor production and didn't do justice from any perspective. This is someone who himself had a very fractured relationship with [Haughey]," Mr Dooley said.

The series has been met by scorn from the families of some of the central players in the show, including former justice minister Sean Doherty and former Tanaiste Brian Lenihan.

Meanwhile Sean Haughey was the first member of the Haughey family to give his reaction to the drama series last night. As the final episode drew to a close, he took to Twitter to ask: "Is it safe to go out again? #Charlie".

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