Tuesday 20 February 2018

Fake Twitter account could come back to haunt Andrews

Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews

Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent

THE ex-Fianna Fail TD who looks set to join Sinn Fein previously said Gerry Adams's party would be as bad in government as his former colleagues.

Chris Andrews, a former Fianna Fail TD for Dublin South East, said Sinn Fein in the next government "would be as bad as Fianna Fail".

And he said it was funny that some members of Sinn Fein didn't "believe that Gerry Adams was in the IRA".

"Gerry Adams and Micheal Martin have a lot in common," Mr Andrews added. "They both have baggage the public won't forget or forgive." The strident statements were made on a fake Twitter account set up by Mr Andrews and which eventually led to him leaving Fianna Fail.

He used the account – under the username @brianformerff – to criticise Micheal Martin and other party figures.

But tweets from the same account show Mr Andrews also got involved in a spat with Sinn Fein supporters and criticised the party he is now set to join.

Mr Andrews's name is understood to be going before the Sinn Fein Ard Chomhairle – the national executive – at a meeting today when membership applications from people who were in other parties will be considered.

It would pave the way for him to run for Sinn Fein in next year's local elections.

But his tweets show a different attitude to Sinn Fein. In them, he said:

* "Hard to take SF/Adams lecturing Bertie on being corrupt after all they have done!!"

* "Was it not corrupt to bury mother of 10 Jean McConville."

* It was hard to listen to Sinn Fein "pontificate" given "what it has done to innocent people".

* "Ordinary working-class people" had "guns stuck in their face" by friends of Sinn Fein, while also raising "the amount of people Sinn Fein reps killed over the years".

* He said party supporters were "still trying to make SF gunmen party comrades trendy and likeable". He also raised the Northern Bank robbery.

Speaking at the Sinn Fein think-in ahead of the new Dail term, Mr Adams would not be drawn on the issue.

"I don't intend to speculate, as it wouldn't be fair on the Ard Chomhairle or on the people who want to join us," he said.

Mr Andrews did not return calls.

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