Saturday 24 August 2019

Ex-Labour TD McNamara plots Dáil bid

Former Labour TD Michael McNamara. Photo: Tom Burke
Former Labour TD Michael McNamara. Photo: Tom Burke Newsdesk Newsdesk

Former Labour TD Michael McNamara is set to run as an independent candidate in Clare in the next general election.

Mr McNamara resigned from Labour in May claiming the party had become irrelevant and he felt he no longer belonged in it.

He had failed to get the Labour nomination to run in Ireland South in the European election, losing out to trade unionist Sheila Nunan.

Mr McNamara, who was a TD for Clare between 2011 and 2016, said he was looking at running subject to the timing of the next general election.

The barrister and beef farmer said he would "love to campaign again" and would focus on issues such as the imbalance between urban and rural Ireland.

"There is this imbalance in the country, it's not unique to Ireland but we need to address it and find solutions to it. I don't think rural broadband is going to be the silver bullet Fine Gael seems to think it is," Mr McNamara said.

"I am a beef farmer already taking a loss this year and if prices are going to continue to drop I see the Ireland that I grew up in, I see it dying. I just see that way of life becoming completely unsustainable."

Before his resignation from Labour, Mr McNamara was tipped to be the party's general election candidate in Clare.

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