Friday 19 January 2018

Enda's not a dictator, and that's an order

IN POT-calling-kettle-black moment of the week the Fianna Fail leader has accused the Taoiseach of being dictatorial.

To paraphrase Monty Python, Enda denies he's a dictator and called Micheal Martin a very naughty boy!

Martin accused Kenny of having an 'una duce, una voce' leadership style where dissent isn't tolerated. Enda said the FF leader "should know better".

"It ill behoves any member of the Fianna Fail party to accuse me of being a dictator. Far from that, I am probably the most open person who has handled this office," he said. Unfortunately, the timing is bad for Enda to be dealing with dictator jibes. He's been cracking the whip more than you'd see in a chapter of Fifty Shades, resulting in Lucinda and her mates ending up in Fine Gael Siberia.

Enda's also refusing to debate the issue of Seanad abolition with Micheal Martin, because he doesn't want Martin to make a fool of himself.

The real test for Enda is today's All Ireland. If the Dublin team gets locked up for public order offences before the Mayo match, I'd get worried!

Will Hanafin

Sunday Independent

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