Tuesday 24 October 2017

Disgraced TD Patrick Nulty to get a €14,000 payout

Taxpayer money for politician who quit Dail over sleazy texts to women

Patrick Nulty
Patrick Nulty

Philip Ryan, Sam Griffin and Ken Foy

Disgraced politician Patrick Nulty is entitled to a €14,000 taxpayer-funded payout after quitting the Dail in shame.

The former Dublin West was forced to resign after it was revealed he sent inappropriate Facebook messages to a number of women, including a 17-year-old girl.

Gardai are now investigating whether Mr Nulty committed a criminal offence after the girl's mother, who also received a message from Mr Nulty, formally complained.

Meanwhile, another woman revealed that the former Independent TD sent her texts asking if she had read raunchy novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. The woman did not respond.

Gardai have made informal contact with Mr Nulty with a view to initiating a full investigation. Sources say that for the investigation to progress, the 17-year-old north Dublin girl must make an official complaint.

But despite his Dail career ending in disgrace, the politician will walk away from politics with a "termination payment" worth €13,961.

The payment is based on two months of his €87,258 TD salary minus a 4pc levy on termination pay for office holders.


He will also be entitled to a small pension based on the salary paid to Dail deputies, when he reaches 65.

The former TD could not be contacted yesterday. His semi-detached home in west Dublin remained deserted, as did his parents home which is situated just a couple of hundred metres up the road.

Mr Nulty (31) is expected to officially resign his seat today – at the second attempt. He attempted to resign yesterday, but was told he has to formally furnish his resignation in writing.

Mr Nulty had sent an email to Oireachtas authorities setting out his intention to resign.

But he was told Oireachtas rules mean he has to send a written letter with his signature on it to the Ceann Comhairle to officially resign.

Mr Nulty is expected to follow the formal procedure today by sending a signed letter to Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett.

Mr Nulty made the dramatic decision to resign on Saturday evening, hours before a Sunday newspapers published details of social media messages he sent to a string of women.

In a statement, Mr Nulty said he sent the messages to the 17-year-old girl "under the influence of alcohol" and apologised to her and her family.

"I set myself the highest standards personally and politically. Unfortunately, due to personal mistakes I have not met those standards in this matter and I will take responsibility for that," he said.

Since then, scores of communications have surfaced including one where Mr Nulty allegedly asked a woman if she was "still being cheeky with her husband" and another where he told a constituent she looked "hot". He is also alleged to have asked one woman to send him her underwear in the post.

It has emerged the scale of Nulty's sordid communications is much greater than originally thought, with another woman revealing the former Independent TD sent her texts asking if she had read raunchy sex book Fifty Shades of Grey.

The possibility of criminal proceedings being launched comes as details emerged of a text message Nulty sent to a woman two years ago.

"Have you read fifty shades of grew (grey) yet? :)" read the text to the woman's phone from his number. The recipient did not reply to the politician.

Erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey, written by author EL James, became a literary sensation when it sold more than 100 million copies after it was published in 2011.

Meanwhile, Mr Nulty's constituency colleague and Social Protection Minister Joan Burton said she was "shocked and very distressed" when she learned of the messages, describing them as "utterly unacceptable".

"No woman should have to put up with that kind of stuff," she said.

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