Wednesday 21 February 2018

'Deal with pay before recruitment'

Garda Representative Association president Ciaran O'Neill
Garda Representative Association president Ciaran O'Neill

Anne-Marie Walsh

Gardaí say allowances must be restored before the new Government acts on its promise to bring the strength of the force up to 15,000.

Gardaí have demanded the immediate restoration of allowances worth over €4,000 for new recruits, after fire fighters got theirs back.

The Garda Representative Association called on the new government to reintroduce a €4,017 rent allowance that was scrapped four years ago.

It said it should do this before acting on its pledge to begin a recruitment drive to bring garda numbers up to 15,000.

"In dealing with recruitment before restoring garda pay, any new government would be putting the cart before the horse," said the President of the GRA, Ciarán O'Neill.

Last week, fire fighters were informed that the rent allowance worth €4,500 a year would be paid to recruits once again.

However, in future it will not be a separate payment but will be incorporated into their pay. It is estimated that around 150 fire fighters will be eligible for the payment.

Meanwhile, the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland said it hopes proposals will emerge in the Programme for Government to address the "unacceptable inequity" between new teachers and their longer-serving colleagues.

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