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Creighton has eight candidates ready - and half are ex-Fine Gael


Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda Creighton

Tony Gavin

Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda Creighton's Renua Ireland has only eight candidates ready to contest the general election.

And half of them are former Fine Gael members.

But there's still no sign of party president Eddie Hobbs stepping up to run.

The party say it has completed its selection process in eight constituencies, with Ms Creighton and fellow former Fine Gael TDs Billy Timmins and Terence Flanagan on the ticket.

Former Fine Gael member, Cllr Ronan McMahon, a son of former party TD Larry McMahon, will run in Dublin South-West.

Described by the party as a "grumpy old man", Jack and Jill charity boss Jonathan Irwin will contest the constituency of Kildare South.

The party's "well-hidden GAA star", councillor John Leahy, will contest the Offaly constituency.

Waterford hotelier Mailo Power will be the party's standard bearer in the county.

As well as her hotel business, we are told Mailo is an interior designer and a cultural columnist in 'My Waterford' magazine.

Childcare expert, author and journalist Shane Dunphy will be the party's candidate in Wexford.

There is no mention of Carlow-Kilkenny by-election candidate councillor Patrick McKee.

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