Monday 18 December 2017

'Completely untrue, fabricated and highly defamatory' - Gardaí investigate poison pen letters

Jack Chambers: Letters were ‘highly defamatory,’ says FF. Photo: Arthur Carron
Jack Chambers: Letters were ‘highly defamatory,’ says FF. Photo: Arthur Carron
Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne

Gardaí are searching for the author of a forged poison-pen letter against Fianna Fáil candidate Jack Chambers, that was circulated to around 150 party members in Dublin.

The letter, its contents dubbed "completely untrue, fabricated and highly defamatory" by Fianna Fáil, was sent to members and former members in the Dublin west constituency.

Just over ten days ago the document, falsely purporting to come from Fianna Fáil official Michael Lacey, was posted to recipients and has since been a topic of scandal in the party.

In a sinister turn, the document even contained a forged signature of Mr Lacey, who is Fianna Fáil's Dublin west vice-chairman.

"It's a complete forgery. That letter is with the guards," Mr Lacey, whose name and address were also provided on the letter, told the Irish Independent.

He said that the document, which contained a Fianna Fáil banner on top, was signed with a signature like his own.

"It's absolutely scurrilous. It's remarkably like my signature. How many attempts were made at this I don't know, whether they copied it or whatever they did," he added.

Mr Lacey, a company director, was furious about the letter.

He said that the allegations it laid out were "completely groundless". He became aware of its existence last Friday and contacted gardaí in Blancahrdstown on Monday. .

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