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Committee to discuss 1916 centenary plans


Heather Humphreys

Heather Humphreys

Heather Humphreys

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has approved the setting up of a new Cabinet sub-committee to plan the 1916 commemorations.

One of the issues that the committee is expected to discuss is the prospect of inviting members of the British royal family to attend the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Easter Rising.

The committee, which was set up following a request by Arts Minister Heather Humphreys, will roll out the series of events for the commemoration.

Mr Kenny will chair the commemorations committee, which will also receive input from the departments of Education, Foreign Affairs, Defence and the Environment.

Ms Humphreys said she intended to draw upon the expertise of local authorities to ensure commemoration events were organised throughout the country.


"Minister Humphreys is determined to ensure that high-level cross-departmental work is facilitated so that the key Government departments can deliver on their elements of the programme," her spokesperson said.

"The minister has secured the necessary agreement from the Taoiseach to set up this committee - it will essentially ensure that all of the key departments are rowing in behind the initiative and that progress is closely monitored."

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