Monday 11 December 2017

Cabinet’s most effective enemies are in-house

Liam Fay

It took a while but most people eventually came round to accepting the inevitability of a household tax. Protest campaigns died away and the Tea Party rhetoric of the most virulent protesters dried up. With the blundering arrogance for which it is renowned, however, the Government has now succeeded in fomenting a new backlash.

First, we had the needlessly grasping demand that householders pay next year's tax before Christmas – if they're using cheques or credit cards. Then came the revelation that the Government is reneging on its promise to ring-fence the majority of property tax revenue for the districts from which it is collected. In fact, all money raised will go into a single, centrally managed fund.

Once again, it seems, the Cabinet's most effective enemies are in-house.

Irish Independent

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