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CAB may probe claims Irish-based extremists channelling money to Islamic State


Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald

THE CRIMINAL Assets Bureau (CAB) could be used investigate allegations that Irish-based extremists are channelling money to the Middle East in order to fund terror group Islamic State.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald today confirmed that she would be willing to ask CAB to investigate such claims, telling the Dail: "You should follow the money".

Ms Fitzgerald was responding to a report in last week's Sunday Independent that an individual living in South Dublin is believed to be funding terrorists attached to Islamic State.

She told Fianna Fáil TD Niall Collins that the legislation currently in place would allow CAB to investigate allegations of this nature.

"If there is clear evidence in relation to anybody here supporting terrorism through their financial activity, clearly that is, and will be dealt with," Ms Fitzgerald said.

"If the gardai have the evidence, they will prosecute, they will follow up, they will monitor," she added.

Ms Fitzgerald today gave fresh detail in relation to the travelling of Irish citizens to the Middle East to engage in conflict.

She said that 25-30 individuals have travelled to the conflict zones since the Arab Spring uprising.

Three of these individuals have died. Ms Fitzgerald pointed out that not all of those who travelled to countries such as Libya, Iraq and Syria did so to engage in fighting.

Ms Fitzgerald also said that gardai are closely monitoring the activities of a small number of individuals here who support extremism and would try to "facilitate it".

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