Thursday 23 November 2017

Burton says she intends to outlast Kenny

Tánaiste Joan Burton
Tánaiste Joan Burton

Daniel McConnelll

Tánaiste Joan Burton has suggested that she will remain a front-line political player long after Taoiseach Enda Kenny retires.

She said that because she was a late entrant into politics, her political appetite is now as strong as ever.

Ms Burton was speaking following the admission by Mr Kenny that he intends to retire sometime during the next Dáil term if he is re-elected Taoiseach.

"I am a late arrival on the political scene so I don't have the many, many decades that he has had - but my appetite for politics is as strong as ever," Ms Burton told the Irish Independent.

But she said her wish to continue for a long time ultimately depended on the people of Dublin West.

"Look, as always, anybody in politics that depends on the will of the people and obviously it depends on issues, personal life, health and things like that, but I enjoy being in politics and I certainly have the appetite and energy just to stay involved in politics.

"But that is down to the will of the people and also I feel very privileged.

"I mean I am a late vocation to politics. I did other things - travelled, worked in Africa, worked as an accountant, worked as a lecturer," she added.

Ms Burton, aged 66, only entered the Dáil for the first time in 1992, more than 16 years after Mr Kenny was first elected in November 1975.

The Labour leader lost her seat in 1997 but regained it in 2002.

She topped the poll in Dublin West in 2011 and became party leader in July 2014.

Irish Independent

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