Sunday 20 October 2019

Bruton and Varadkar follow Harris in having their homes targeted by groups of protesters

Target: Gardaí and protesters at Richard Bruton’s home in north Dublin. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Target: Gardaí and protesters at Richard Bruton’s home in north Dublin. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Kevin Doyle and Laura Lynott

A group of protesters who targeted Health Minister Simon Harris have carried out a similar demonstration at the home of Richard Bruton.

On this occasion, the self-styled 'Fingal Battalion' claimed to be objecting to the introduction of a carbon tax.

Thirteen 'anti-austerity activities' demonstrators arrived at his north Dublin home shortly after 2pm yesterday and stood outside it for two hours.

It is understood that Mr Bruton was not at home at the time. He posted a photograph on social media of himself with the Sam Maguire Cup at an event in Kilbarrack.

The protesters refused to talk to the Irish Independent, one smirking when asked for a comment and to state why exactly they were there.

In a video posted online, the protesters complained about the imposition of a carbon tax.

They described Mr Bruton as "another pillar figure" in this Fine Gael-led country and claimed that Ireland was a "failed free state".

Gardaí monitored the situation throughout.

Yesterday's event follows a demonstration by another group, describing themselves as the Yellow Vest movement, on Saturday evening outside an apartment block where Taoiseach Leo Varadkar lives.

A spokesperson for Mr Varadkar said he was not home at the time.

"In a free country, people have the right to protest so long as it is not violent and does not unduly inconvenience others. The Taoiseach lives in an apartment block. He apologises sincerely if any of his neighbours felt intimidated or were inconvenienced in any way."

Gardaí are carrying out a review of ministerial security arrangements.

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