Wednesday 21 August 2019

Back from the brink: How the world's media is reporting on Ireland's political unrest

The world's media has been watching - a sure sign that Ireland is in a unique place at the moment as Brexit negotiations continue

Leo Varadkar. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand /Getty Images
Leo Varadkar. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand /Getty Images
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

Ireland's political unrest has made headlines across the world in recent days, signalling that Ireland is currently centre stage against the backdrop of continuing Brexit negotiations.

With a crucial deadline looming, and the fate of the Irish border to be potentially decided in just over a fortnight, the political crisis and the imminent resignation of Frances Fitzgerald has unsurprisingly drawn attention the world over.

German establishment newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung commented that Brussels was looking nervously at Ireland ahead of the latest development which is set to see the country pulled back from the brink of a snap General Election.

Meanwhile, BBC news broke the story of Fitzgerald's resignation with the headline:

"Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister is to resign, Irish TV says, in a crisis that has threatened the ruling coaltion."


Sky News opted for:

"Irish deputy PM to resign - Sky sources."

Sky News.JPG

While, the UK Independent reports:

"Irish deputy Prime Minister Frances Fitzgerald reportedly resigns, throwing into doubt snap election"


The importance of the upcoming Brexit talks was lost on no one - particularly the outgoing Jobs minister who cited Brexit while announcing her intention to step down to her Cabinet colleagues.

It now remains to be seen if the resignation of the Tanáiste will be enough to quell any anxiety in Europe as the focus switches back to the task at hand ahead of next month's crunch talks.

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