Tuesday 20 March 2018

All those other things that Ahern got so wrong

* Being "untruthful" before a tribunal investigating his personal finances, according to the Mahon Tribunal itself. Bertie Ahern's labyrinthine accounts and finances were probed by the tribunal and eventually led to his downfall.

l Allowing Brian Cowen let public spending rip. After he packed Charlie McCreevy off to Brussels, Mr Ahern put Mr Cowen in the Department of Finance and allowed public spending rip on the back of property taxes, leading to financial disaster.

l Allowing the economy to become dependent on property taxes in the first place.

l When certain economists warned the country was facing an uncertain economic future, Mr Ahern asked why such "cribbers and moaners" simply did not go and take their own life instead of taking their warnings seriously.

l Championing an extensive vanity project – the Bertie Bowl – which was abandoned after prospective costs spiralled out of control.

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