Wednesday 19 June 2019

Adams accused of role in Provos killing of farmer

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams Photo: REUTERS
Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams Photo: REUTERS

Niall O'Connor

Gerry Adams was asked about the murder of Louth farmer Tom Oliver in an interview with Miriam O'Callaghan on RTÉ's 'Prime Time' in March 2015.

MOC: In relation to another infamous murder, that of Tom Oliver, Tom Oliver in Louth, you know that case do you?

GA: I do, yes.

MOC: In Cooley, he was taken by the IRA, murdered horrendously. In fact, the local priest said it looked like concrete blocks had been dropped on every bone of his body.

GA: Of course that's to be condemned if that's the case, that's to be condemned, of course it is. I was actually in, by complete fluke, I was on holidays down in Galway and came back up. I was in the Cooleys at the time Tom Oliver was killed. I was with my family in the Cooleys at that time.

MOC: There is a strong belief though that in fact you were the court of appeal that said that Tom Oliver should go to his death.

GA: How can you, there is 'strong belief'. How can you come on this programme and say that, Miriam? You're a journalist. How can you come on that programme and say that?

MOC: Because in the same way I suppose Garda commissioners, PSNI constables, Taoisigh, prime ministers (interrupted)

GA: Excuse me Miriam, you're making the most, the most (interrupted)

MOC: But you can deny it.

GA: Excuse me. But you should not be. You would not have the leader of the Labour Party who was a very, very prominent member of The Workers Party, at the time for example of Seamus Costello. You wouldn't have Pat Rabbitte in here and put that accusation to him?

MOC: But I'm entitled to put it to you (interrupted).

GA: You're not entitled to put it to me. You're not entitled to put it to me.

MOC: But you can deny it.

GA: Well I clearly deny it. But I do think it is a very, very reprehensible accusation to make. I am on this programme trying to make sense out of what was a conflict which marked this entire island and also very grievously the number of thousand of people who were killed.

MOC: But I'm speaking to you about the actions of republicans and you're here as a leader of republicans, so I have to put those questions to you.

GA: That's very different than accusing me. What are your sources? No, sorry Miriam, you cannot just come on a programme and say, it is widely believed or it is believed that you were on a court of appeal?

MOC: Widely believed by members of his family?

GA: Miriam, Miriam.

MOC: Yes that is the case Gerry Adams.

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