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Saturday 21 April 2018

Political quotes of the week

"This was a democratic revolution at the ballot box. The message is for a stable and strong government. The chasm opened between people and government has to be rebuilt."

Enda Kenny.

"It can't be a Fine Gael-driven government, it has to be a Labour-driven social-democratic government."

Labour TD, Joanna Tuffy.

"Fine Gael does not rely on Labour to remain in office and this is a serious concern. In the case of not holding the balance of power, it is wise for us to remain in opposition."

Colm Lawless, chairman, Labour Youth.

"Labour has an historic opportunity to become the official opposition in the 31st Dail, leading a greatly expanded left-wing coalition."

Jimmy Kelly of the Unite trade union.

"I thank them for the advice."

Eamon Gilmore, responding to Unite.

"It is a sad day for the party. We have suffered a major defeat. But the party will regroup. We will continue. We're a party with a vision for the future."

John Gormley, Green Party leader.

"I would have looked forward to being in opposition. I wanted to fight a good a good fight for Fianna Fail. I'm not the kind of person who would jump ship. I would far prefer to go down with it . . . a casualty of the recession."

John O'Donoghue, who lost his seat.

"I drove down the plinth. Don't ask me how I did it. I didn't know the geography. I do apologise and I feel silly but I got such a fright. I haven't had an accident in 30 years of driving. Having said that, I have made an appointment with my optician for the morning."

Mary Mitchell O'Connor, Fine Gael TD.

"I'm an old man now but you have made me very proud."

Former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, 91, to Enda Kenny.

"This isn't just about who wins what and who tops the poll and who doesn't. This is about actual sacrifice in terms of ongoing re-conquest of Ireland by the people of Ireland."

Gerry Adams, TD.

"People want a stable government. The country is voting for change, that is clear. And he's a west of Ireland man, so why would I not support him?"

Noel Grealish, Galway independent TD on Enda Kenny.

"Fianna Fail will recover, we will rebuild. Similar suggestions were made to the Fine Gael party in 2002 when they had a very adverse result."

Brian Cowen, outgoing Taoiseach.

"We are going to regroup, we are going to have to rebrand and there are certainly very, very committed members of the organisation. We still have huge support within that organisation and under the new leadership of Micheal Martin I would hope and it would be my expectation that we can get back."

Mary Coughlan, outgoing Tanaiste.

"It's been a very bad day for Fianna Fail and particularly bad in the city. But we will rebuild. We, the leaders of this party, whether we are inside or out, we have to lead now and go back to the values we always stood for."

Mary Hanafin, defeated minister.

"Neither the economy nor the finances of the country are in great shape at the departure of the government but then I don't think anyone thought they were."

Michael Noonan of Fine Gael, after being briefed by Department of Finance officials.

"When I got up -- and I'm still running around in my underwear -- I jotted down chapter headings that I could write my book about. My mind is just click-clicking away."

Mary O'Rourke, defeated Fianna Fail TD.

"My father was a member of Fianna Fail at one time, but I never stood for public office on behalf of the party. I resent the term 'FF gene pool' being applied to myself."

Michael Healy Rae, newly elected independent TD.

"You need a good opposition in the way you need good parents, so that children don't do stupid things."

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, independent TD.

"I ran a successful business and made a profit for 25 years. My assets were worth twice what I owed until values crashed. Just because my assets lost value doesn't make me a criminal."

Mick Wallace, newly elected independent TD.

"I'm a loyal member. I've never voted against the party. I've followed the whip in difficult times and on that basis I'm seeking re-election to the Seanad. All the people of Ireland are not under 40."

Outgoing FF Senator Terry Leyden, responding to Micheal Martin's call for older party members to stand aside in the Seanad elections.

"Ageism is bigotry. I think the whole thing is totally ageist. I've absolutely no doubt about it. It's ignorance."

Outgoing FF Senator Mary White.

"I don't have any regrets. I was listening to the results and it never entered my head. I can't look back. There are people waiting an awful long time for a seat in Cabinet and they are not getting out of the way."

George Lee, RTE broadcaster and former Fine Gael deputy.

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