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Player broke speed limit to avoid Keane row

A Cork footballer who was caught speeding told a court that he drove quickly to avoid being fined by his "unreasonable" former manager Roy Keane.

Republic of Ireland defender Damien Delaney drove at 44mph in a 30mph zone as he feared he was going to be late for training with his club Ipswich Town in Britain.

He admitted speeding in his Audi A5 car around two miles from the training ground, on October 15 last year, when Keane was in charge of the club.

Delaney did not appear before South East Suffolk magistrates, but pleaded guilty by post and wrote a letter.

"The reason I was going too fast was because I was late for work. I had an unreasonable boss at the time who would not accept lateness and would not have listened to me. I was worried I was going to be fined two weeks' wages."

Delaney's unusual mitigation failed to impress the magistrates and he was fined £335 (€376) and given four penalty points on his licence.

Former Manchester United skipper and Irish international Keane, 39, had a reputation for not tolerating lateness from his players before he left Ipswich Town in January.

When he was unveiled as Ipswich Town boss in April 2009, he said: "All I ask is that players are on time for training and give 100 per cent."

"If they are up for it they'll enjoy working for me, if not it will be a very brief relationship."

Last December the club denied that Keane and Delaney had a training-ground bust-up after the player missed games. Delaney joined Ipswich Town in the summer of 2009 when he transferred from QPR.

Sunday Independent