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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Plans 'ludicrous' to ignore green option

Fomer SDLP MLA Carmel Hanna at her Barna home
Fomer SDLP MLA Carmel Hanna at her Barna home

A retired SDLP politician, who has kept a home in Barna, for 36 years has hit out at the bypass routes as bad planning.

Two of the routes would cut directly beside Carmel Hanna's home. Ms Hanna, who served as an MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly for 12 years, questioned why other options like light rail were not being considered.

She described the plans as "ludicrous". "As someone involved in politics for years and interested in the environment I was puzzled as to why they haven't looked at good environmental options. There is no light rail, no incentive sharing of cars and no park and ride, all things that should be operating in a city."

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