Friday 22 June 2018

Plane flipped upside down in emergency landing after weather forced student pilot to divert

The plane landed in a private airfield in Adamstown
The plane landed in a private airfield in Adamstown
The plane landed in a private airfield in Adamstown
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

A student pilot who landed a Cessna 152 in bad weather ended up bringing the plane to a stop upside down.

The incident was the subject of an Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) mandatory investigation.

The flight was a short solo navigation flight from Weston Airport in Dublin to Kinnegad on March 31 last.

After passing Enfield however the pilot became aware of bad weather, for which she was not rated to fly in.

Image: AAIU inspection report
Image: AAIU inspection report

She opted to divert and land the plane at Trim airfield. However she was unable to locate it and unknowingly landed on a private airfield in Adamstown with a shorter grass strip.

It took three attempts for the pilot to land because of the poor weather.

After landing she applied the brakes as she was concerned that the plane would crash into a raised bank and hedges at the bottom of the field.

It was this application of the brakes that caused the pilot to land the small plane upside down.

The pilot received a soft tissue injury to her shoulder. The aircraft was damaged in the incident and crops in the field were damaged during the crash and the recovery of the plane.

Prior to the emergency landing the pilot had only landed on a grass airstrip twice, both times with an instructor.

The AAIU concluded that the pilot had set out when the weather was suited to her flying ability and had made the emergency landing in response to an unexpected weather change.

Investigators recommended that the National Flying Centre should review its training syllabus to consider diversion exercise to alternative airfields in the airfare.

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