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Plane accident victims laid to rest

A FORMER seaman killed in the Cork plane crash was totally dedicated to his family, mourners heard yesterday at his funeral.

Captain Michael Evans and his wife Andrea were "soulmates", the harbour master of Belfast port told the congregation, which included crash survivors Donal Walsh and Laurence Wilson.

Captain Kevin Allen was speaking at the Sinclair Seamen's Presbyterian Church in Belfast's docklands, where Capt Evans's wife and four children -- Darren, Dean, Rebecca and Jordan -- led the mourners.

Capt Evans (51), an ex-deep sea mariner from Hartlepool in England, was one of six people killed at Cork Airport last Thursday when a flight from Belfast crashed.

Capt Allen said the work of his late colleague and deputy Belfast harbour master on the 2009 Tall Ships festival exemplified him.

"Michael worked tirelessly to ensure every marine aspect was right -- and he did it his way, with a tenacity, enthusiasm, a huge energy. Through that work, he gained the respect of all the organisations he came into contact with," he said.

Survivors Donal Walsh, a student from Waterford, and Laurence Wilson, from Co Antrim, embraced Andrea Evans outside the church.

Also there were the Lord Mayor of Belfast Pat Convery and Col Michael McMahon, representing President McAleese.

Following the service, which was conducted by the Rev Drew Abernethy, Capt Evans was buried at Carnmoney Cemetery in north Belfast.

Earlier, the funeral had taken place of one of the other victims, Belfast businessman Richard Noble, at Roselawn Crematorium in the south of the city.

Derbyshire-born Mr Noble (49) lived in Jordanstown and is survived by his wife Allison and daughter Charlotte.

He worked for the Danwood Group, which supplies office printing equipment and document management services.

Funerals for two of the other victims, Brendan McAleese and Pat Cullinan, were held on Monday.

The other victims were Spanish pilot Jordi Gola Lopez (31) and co-pilot Andrew Cantle (27), from York. Mr Cantle will be cremated in Sunderland next Thursday.

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