Monday 11 December 2017

Plan Ireland auction aims to give poorest girls something to celebrate

Sunday Independent Fashion Editor Constance Harris, right, customised this T-shirt for Plan Ireland's campaign 'Because I am a Girl' to raise awareness and funds for girls' rights in the developing world.

The shirts will be showcased in advance of their being auctioned off, at a Plan Ireland event, sponsored by Nivea next Wednesday night at the Sugar Club, Dublin 2. The designers themselves (Aisling Farinella, Eilish Boyle, Courtney Smith and several more) will speak about what inspired them to be involved and about their customisations. Stylist and broadcaster Angela Scanlon will host the event.

David Dalton, CEO of Plan Ireland, commented, "In too many societies across the world, girls face the double discrimination of being young and being female. They are pulled out of school, married early and are more likely to be subjected to violence. We know it doesn't have to be like this and so we are delighted that so many Irish designers and stylists have come on board to support our campaign."

To get a unique, customised piece by some of the biggest names in Irish fashion, take a look at the designs on and email with your name, contact details and how much you want to bid. Bids are open until midday on October 14. For more information on the 'Because I am a Girl' campaign, visit or call 1800 829 829.

Army missing gear worth €12,000

CAMOUFLAGE clothing and raingear, Israeli-made helmets, boots, goggles and other equipment worth more than €12,000 has been lost by Irish soldiers over the past three years, writes Don Lavery.

The Army has listed more than 80 cases where soldiers have lost their equipment since 2008 with the value of the equipment ranging from small amounts up to in excess of €500 following a Freedom of Information request by the Sunday Independent.

In one case, a soldier lost clothing, "ordnance" which is unspecified, boots, helmet and load carrying equipment, worth €1,937, now outlined as €552.69.

In another case, a burner for an industrial boiler worth more than €1,300 went missing, while a battle vest, including a wetsuit and a belt pouch for M203 grenades worth €234.73 went astray.

Other losses include an Israeli-made Rabintex helmet worth €124; a chest rig and day sack worth €183.41; DPM (camouflage) trousers and a hydration system, €45.98; while another soldier lost his socks, shirts, trousers, running shoes, boonie hat, boots, thermal vests, and DPM camouflage uniform worth a total €395.87.

However, some information about missing equipment has been kept from release for security reasons.

No information is given about missing weapons.

Although weekly and monthly checks are made on weapons stocks, it is known at least five weapons have gone missing in the last few years.

The most recent is last January when a 9mm Heckler and Koch pistol, two magazines and 100 rounds of ammunition went missing from the Naval ship L E Niamh.

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