Tuesday 23 July 2019

Pilots versus Aer Lingus

PILOTS: The pay and conditions of Belfast workers will ultimately lower terms in Dublin because Belfast's deal will be used as a benchmark for future Dublin deals.

Aer Lingus: The pay and conditions of Dublin pilots are set to change anyway, as outlined in the company's long standing cost cutting plans. This change will be independent of any developments in Belfast deal. The Belfast deal will only act as a benchmark for the next Belfast deal.

Pilots: Aer Lingus should not employ pilots in new bases in a manner that undermines the terms and conditions of pilots.

Aer Lingus: It is appropriate that staff at any new bases are employed on local terms and conditions. This will continue to be the approach for any new bases that are added.

Pilots: The pilots at the Belfast base will be paid less than Dublin pilots.

Aer Lingus: The pilots at the Belfast base will be paid marginally more than their Dublin counterparts, but will use much more flexible work practices.

Pilots: The pension scheme offered in Belfast will be inferior to the scheme offered in Dublin.

Aer Lingus: The pension scheme in Belfast will be appropriate to the market there. Details have not been finalised, but the defined benefit scheme in Dublin will be replaced with a defined contribution scheme in Belfast.

Pilots: Workers in Belfast won't have the same promotion scales, leave entitlements or pay productivity scheme as workers in Dublin

Aer Lingus: Details of Belfast leave entitlements and productivity schemes for Belfast have yet to be finalised, but the company is keen that the outmoded processes at Aer Lingus' Dublin base should not be exported.

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