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Sunday 20 October 2019

Pilot hailed as a hero for safe landing in bad weather


Ralph Riegel

AN Aer Lingus Regional (ALR) pilot has been hailed as a hero after she managed a safe landing despite horrendous weather conditions at Cork Airport.

The pilot, who ALR declined to identify, managed to land despite high winds and restricted visibility from the cockpit windscreen due to the appalling weather last Thursday night.

There were 46 people on the French-built ATR-72 turboprop aircraft, which was operating a scheduled flight from Manchester to Cork.

Aviation officials paid tribute to the pilot's skill in performing a safe landing in "absolutely atrocious conditions".

Meanwhile, pop star Bressie (aka Niall Breslin, pictured) and the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton, were on board an Aer Lingus flight from Lanzarote to Cork, which had to be diverted to Shannon due to the appalling weather.

In a Twitter post, Bressie admitted: "On runway last night in Cork when we were coming in there were eight ambulances and three fire brigades on the runway. Won't lie ... I s**t myself. Blessed to have actually got home last night with (the) weather. Thanks, Aer Lingus."

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