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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Pie in the sky? Don't drop your knife on picnic 100 feet above city

Brave diners are hoisted 100ft above Dublin for a 'Picnic in the Sky'
Brave diners are hoisted 100ft above Dublin for a 'Picnic in the Sky'
Competition winners are hoisted 100ft above Dublin for a 'Picnic in the Sky'
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

IT was an afternoon of sky high dining in Dublin's Point Village as a group of foodies were hoisted 100 feet into the air for Ireland's first ever 'Picnic in the Sky'.

Guests took their seats around a giant seven tonne dining table yesterday which was slowly hoisted into the air by an industrial strength crane.

Once airborne, we were treated to some of Centra's new gourmet sandwiches, glasses of prosecco and strawberries.

The weather couldn't have been better; having polished off the food several guests swivelled around in their 360-degree rotating chairs and soaked up the sun with their feet dangling in the air.

After 15 minutes the table began to rotate allowing waiters to point out familiar landmarks such as the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Pigeon House and the Convention Centre. But it wasn't all fun and games, and we were warned to watch out for hungry seagulls who swooped in and around the table trying to nab crusts of bread and pieces of chicken off the table.

"That is one of the hazards of dining so far up," said Dale Agar of UK company 'Dinner in the Sky'.

"But I think it's worth the risk. How often do you get to eat al fresco suspended 100 foot in the air?"

Five separate groups of 22 diners spent 30 minutes floating and eating in the air before returning to solid ground.

"It was terrifying being up there," said Louise Johnston of Lovin' Dublin. "But the view was incredible. You could see from the Wicklow hills out to sea."

It may have been a little nerve wracking but the atmosphere was second to none.

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