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Monday 11 December 2017

Pictures show killer Molly Martens soaked in blood moments after murder

Molly Martens soaked in blood and draped in fur coat

Molly and Thomas Martens pictured covered in blood after Jason Corbett was murdered
Molly and Thomas Martens pictured covered in blood after Jason Corbett was murdered
Molly Martens-Corbett leaves court following the guilty verdict
Evidence from the case – the baseball bat
Thomas Martens
Ralph Riegel

Ralph Riegel

This shocking photo shows killer Molly Martens covered in blood and draped in a fur coat just moments after she had helped her father murder Jason Corbett.

Ms Martens was photographed outside the Panther Creek home she shared with her Irish husband shortly after he had been pronounced dead at the scene after suffering a prolonged and vicious assault.

Following the convictions of Ms Martens (33) and her father Thomas Martens for the second degree murder of Jason, Davidson County District Attorney's Office released images showing the scene that confronted police officers on August 2, 2015.

In never-before-seen photos shown to the jury during the trial, the murder weapons can be seen in the bedroom where Mr Corbett was brutally murdered.

Thomas Martens
Thomas Martens

The baseball bat and brick that were used to end the life of the popular 39-year-old can be clearly seen soaked in blood.

These heavy, blunt instruments were used to attack Mr Corbett, leaving him with injuries similar to a car crash victim.

Evidence from the case – the baseball bat
Evidence from the case – the baseball bat

The crime scene images also show bloodstains in the hall of the Corbett family's plush home and also blood on the bed sheets were Mr Corbett was attacked.

Prosecutors also released images that detail the horrendous injuries sustained by Mr Corbett in the fatal assault.

A blood-splattered quilt in the bedroom where Jason Corbett was murdered
A blood-splattered quilt in the bedroom where Jason Corbett was murdered has chosen not to publish these photos due to their graphic nature.

The post-mortem images show deep bruising to the cheekbone and nose of the victim where he was struck. They also show a large laceration to the left side of Mr Corbett's forehead.

Evidence from the case – the brick kept on a nightstand table
Evidence from the case – the brick kept on a nightstand table

The photos detail the sustained nature of the attack as Mr Corbett's skull can be seen to be fractured in a number of places. He also sustained severe bruising to his shoulders and neck area.

The trial of Ms Martens and her father heard how Mr Corbett was attacked while he lay in bed and that the killer duo continued to strike him as he lay dead on the floor of the bedroom.

Retired FBI agent Mr Martens (67) had bought the Louisville Slugger bat he used to murder Mr Corbett as a present for his son Jack, but he never gave the gift to the boy.

The photos show the first photo taken of Ms Martens at the scene of the killing. Wearing night clothes and wrapped in a fur coat, bloodstains can clearly be seen in her hair and on her face.

This image was taken by crime scene examiner Lieutenant Frank Young, of the Davidson County Sheriff's Office.

He told the murder trial that he repeatedly had to tell Ms Martens to stop rubbing her neck while he examined her.

The police officer said he photographed the young woman's neck from all angles but said he saw no injuries. "None that I noted," he said.

Both Ms Martens and her father declined hospital treatment at the scene.

Their concocted story that they killed Mr Corbett in self-defence was seen through by the jury during the four-week trial.

Photos taken in police custody show no trace of injury to Ms Martens.

Mr Martens was similarly photographed in the police station. While bloodstains can be seen on his T-shirt, there are no signs of any defensive wounds consistent with a struggle with Mr Corbett.

Mr Martens is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison after he was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison for second degree murder.

Mr Martens's legal team had warned his sentencing hearing that any lengthy prison term could effectively represent a life sentence.

Both Mr Martens and his daughter were transferred to prisons some two hours away from Lexington.

He is currently in protective custody within the notorious maximum security Central Prison, where he is beginning his lengthy sentence.

Central Prison houses virtually all convicted murderers in the northern part of North Carolina, including death row inmates and some of the most dangerous prisoners in the US.

Anyone convicted of murder in the Salisbury, Greensboro, Winston- Salem, Durham and Raleigh areas serve their sentences in the jail, nicknamed CP. The prison has a capacity of almost 1,200 inmates, many with gang affiliations.

It ranks as one of the toughest prisons in the southern part of the US and has a heavy presence of armed guards.

Ms Martens is being held at North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women. She is expected to undergo psychiatric evaluation as part of her prison processing. Both have signalled that they will appeal the convictions and sentences.

Meanwhile, the Corbett family has left the US to return home to Ireland. Jason's sister, Tracey Lynch, said: "We all just want to get home.

"It has been difficult, very difficult, but we came here to see justice done for Jason. We believe that we have.

"I don't think any of us will forget this experience."

Corbett family members admitted they now want to recover from the gruelling trial process before thinking about the appeals that the father and daughter have promised to trigger.

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