Phones replacing PCs as Irish addiction soars


Adrian Weckler

Irish smartphones are on track to replace PCs and laptops as our main internet devices, according to new figures.

Our small screen addiction has been confirmed in the latest report by Dublin-based research firm Statcounter, which shows a massive swing away from desktop and laptop PCs to mobile phones as the most active internet devices.

Altogether, a third of our web time now happens on our phones, up from just 10pc two years ago.

Meanwhile, the amount of time that we spend using PCs and laptops to access the web has collapsed from 82pc to 58pc of Ireland's overall internet browsing in the last two years.

And the figures are likely to understate the growing dominance of phones in our lives, as they don't take into account use of some popular apps such as Facebook.

The research indicates that phones will overtake PCs as our main internet machines in 2016.

And despite poor internet access in a third of the country, Ireland has pulled ahead of other countries in switching to smartphones.

The figures also indicate that Android phones and tablets have overtaken iPhones and iPads for internet use in Ireland. Some 53pc of us now go online using Android devices such as Samsung and Sony while 43pc log on using iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. And the figures show the extent of Nokia's collapse, with less than one in 25 of us now using a Nokia smartphone for the web.

However, even Nokia is doing better than BlackBerry, with less than one in 500 Irish people now using what used to be the world's most popular smartphone, according to Statcounter.

The telecoms regulator recently reported that mobile internet data usage is doubling in Ireland, while the latest surveys say that as many as two-thirds of Irish people have active Facebook accounts.