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Saturday 24 August 2019

Petty Letters from IRFU

on March 1, 1980, a letter arrived from the IRFU about a match we had played against France a few weeks previously. It requested that I immediately pay back £1.92 owed to them:

Dear Tony,

Please let me have the sum of £1.92 being the sum of fifty per cent of phone calls charged to the room which you shared with John Robbie in the hotel in Paris.

An early reply would be appreciated so that match accounts can be finalised.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Fitzgerald


The point I would make here is the mean-mindedness in the way they operated as a governing body.

Before this, and following an Ireland game against the All Blacks, I had one which demanded that I foot 50pc of my room bill with Colin Patterson. It really is too embarrassing to give the breakdown, but the total amounted to £2.66 which again included phone calls plus newspapers and milk! Bear in mind, too, that as amateur sportsmen we were taking time off work to play.

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