Thursday 14 November 2019

Pete Taylor set to leave country after fatal shooting at his gym

Boxing coach Pete Taylor. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Boxing coach Pete Taylor. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Ken Foy

Pete Taylor has been spotted in public for the first time since he was shot in his Bray Boxing Club last week.

The father of Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor was seen in Belfast with his partner Karen Brown.

Mr Taylor (57) was released from St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin on Wednesday.

The fitness fanatic is now sporting a heavy dressing on his injured left arm and chest area. He was also wearing a sling around his neck, but had not placed his arm inside it.

It is believed he is planning to leave for an undisclosed European country in the coming days, after he was given detailed "personal security advice" by gardaí.

He spent more than a week being treated for horrific injuries to his arm after a triple shooting at his gym in Bray, Co Wicklow.

Mr Taylor had been under Garda protection while he was being treated in St Vincent's Hospital for the injuries he received in the shooting at the boxing club on June 5.

He was shot in the arm in the attack in which gym member Bobby Messett was shot dead and another man who was training, Ian Britton, was shot in the leg.

But the bullet that hit Mr Taylor in the arm is then said to have travelled into his chest, making his injuries more complex and serious.

His partner Ms Brown made daily visits to his bedside during his eight-night hospital stay.

Mr Taylor released a statement to the media last weekend in which he said: "I cannot believe what has happened.

"Words will never explain my excruciating anguish and devastation at the horrific, senseless attack at Bray Boxing Club.

"Bobby was my close friend, training partner and sparring mate. I am utterly heartbroken that he is gone."

Meanwhile, Wicklow County Council has secured the Bray Boxing Club building following the tragic events of last week.

Arrangements are being made to carry out an examination of the building with a view to undertaking any necessary repairs. "Wicklow County Council is liaising with representatives of the Bray Boxing Club in relation to this matter," the statement added.

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