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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Pest control experts warn Irish families as giant rat found in Dublin home

Credit: Total Pest Control
Credit: Total Pest Control
Credit: Total Pest Control
Credit: Total Pest Control
Credit: Total Pest Control
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Irish families can expect larger sized vermin in their homes in the coming weeks and months, pest control experts have advised.

The warning follows the capture of a giant rat, the size of a domestic cat, in the attic of a Dublin family home.

The oversized rodent – measuring an extraordinary 24 inches – was found in the attic of the Grace and Ian Walters’ residence in Kingswood, south Dublin.

Grace Walters said she was alerted to ‘loud scratching sounds’ in her ceiling shortly after she moved into the Brownsbarn Woods estate, near to Citywest Industrial Park.

The terrified family contacted an exterminator company Total Pest Control to deal with the problem – which later declared the animal one of the ‘bigger’ rats they have caught.

Proprietor of the firm Marcus Giusti says that was ‘shocked’ at the size of the rat.

However, he told that he has noticed that the number of rats in homes – and their size – has been steadily increasing in recent months.

He believes a number of factors, including the dumping of illegal waste and climate warming, have contributed to this frightening trend.

“I think it’s a lot to do with climate and hygiene. If people leave their household bins overflowing and in disarray, they are essentially creating a food source for these animals."

"The reason why there is pest control is that the rats can overpopulate very quick and become even more difficult to deal with."

Giusti also reveals to how his team managed to eventually snare the rat, despite an initial assessment of the operation as “difficult”.

“There was a speaker in the ceiling that we had to remove in order to place a trap.”

But neither the pest control technicians or the Walters family were prepared for how large the rat the were trying to ensare actually was.

“We really weren’t anticipating the rat would be that big. The trap didn’t have any impact on him so we had to stick our head up where the speaker was located and remove it that way,” he told

“The poor rat never knew he would be so famous,” he later quipped.

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