Sunday 18 March 2018

Personal trainer Francis Usanga says he had an affair with a client while Emma was pregnant

Francis Usanga with Emma Murphy
Francis Usanga with Emma Murphy Newsdesk Newsdesk

The former partner of Emma Murphy has spoken of tensions within their relationship

Fitness coach Francis Usange confirmed that Emma found out he was having a baby with another woman just days before she gave birth to their second child.

"I don't deny that one bit. I feel we do a lot of right things, we do a lot of wrong things and in that particular situation we had broken up for a long time and basically I had started seeing someone.

"Emma and I were trying to patch things up and I stopped seeing this other person. That person happened to be an ex-client. She was also Irish," he said.

He says he is unaware how that pregnancy progressed as he hasn't kept in touch with his former flame.

"That was just before my daughter was born so it caused a lot of friction, there was a lot of tension between everybody.

"There were a lot of arguments, there were a lot of rows, there was a lot of abuse and the way the relationship was really, it was up and down, we'd be together today or we'd be broken up next week.

"Then one day, yes, I did sleep with a girl, one day, just once, after the whole break-up. She said that she was pregnant and she told Emma. We had our second daughter three days later.

His revelations come in a tell all interview with the Sunday World in which he admits to hitting Emma in the face.

Emma's brave decision to tell her story on a social media video site saw her story go viral and sparked a wave of debate around domestic violence.

The Women's Aid freephone helpline is 1800 341900.

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