Wednesday 19 June 2019

Perk: Dads will keep Guinness benefits when taking paid paternity leave

My goodness: Staff at the brewer have historically been well looked after
My goodness: Staff at the brewer have historically been well looked after
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

New fathers who avail of Diageo's six months' paid paternity leave will keep their product allowance while they are off.

The allowance, given to staff on a monthly basis, is worth €50 each month, or €600 annually, before tax.

Traditionally staff were given free pints of beer.

Today it is up to employees what Diageo products they spend it on.

From July 1, new fathers working for the brewing giant will be entitled to 26 weeks off on full pay when they have a baby, matching the maternity benefit paid to women.

A spokesperson for Diageo said full details on the new paternity policy are being worked out, but "in the main staff entitlements would not change while people are on leave".

Workers at the brewing company have historically been very well looked after.

One of the earliest benefits granted to Guinness employees was a beer allowance, which for many years consisted of two pints of the black stuff a day for every male employee over the age of 21.

Employees could opt to receive a certificate instead of the beer, which they could then exchange for goods at the co-operative store.

The tradition continues today, with staff given a "product allowance" rather than free beer.

In addition, Guinness typically paid its workers between 10pc and 20pc more than the Dublin average.

In 1870, Guinness opened a medical dispensary, providing free medical attention and medicines for employees and their families, as well as free hospital beds and treatment.

By the 1930s, those employed at the dispensary included three doctors, two dentists, two pharmaceutical chemists, two nurses and a masseuse.

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