Friday 23 August 2019

'People just don't realise how much fun this is'

Mike Condon

Transport: Electric skateboard

Distance: 3km

Time: 10-12 minutes

Mike Condon with his electronically-powered skateboard. Photo: Don Moloney
Mike Condon with his electronically-powered skateboard. Photo: Don Moloney

Tech employee Mike Condon from Co Kildare used to use his bicycle - a 'racer' road bike - for the 40km round-trip between his home in Leixlip and his job in Intel, but an injury and the misfortune of falling in slippery conditions a handful of times forced him into a car. Mike (25) says he hated the monotony of the car commute - "often, it felt like you were stuck in a car park" - and he was determined to find another way.

That way came in the form of an electric skateboard. He had seen YouTube clips of a New York-based e-skateboard aficionado and was sufficiently impressed that he went out and bought his own.

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"I'd never used a skateboard before so I had to learn from scratch," he says, "but once you get your balance right, it's pretty easy to pick up."

Soon he was doing his daily commute on the skateboard - much to the fascination of those rush-hour motorists crawling along. He became so enamoured with the mode of transport, that he purchased a number of them - including a single-wheel skateboard which is now his preferred choice when it comes to getting to work. "It can go over any terrain," he enthuses. "Potholes aren't an issue."

Now working in Limerick, he says his morning commute is about 10 minutes on electric skateboard. "Some people ask why I don't just ride a bike," he says. "They don't realise how much fun this is."

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