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People Before Profit group defend removing posters advertising pro-life event in Dublin

Trinity People Before Profit have defended their members who cut down posters advertising a pro-life event in Dublin


One of the posters on display in Dublin

One of the posters on display in Dublin

One of the posters on display in Dublin

Trinity People Before Profit have defended their members who were pictured cutting down posters advertising a pro-life event in Dublin.

A Facebook post on their page this week showed two members of their group cutting down a poster along with the message: "2 comrades, 1 pair of scissors, 32 vile anti-choice posters surrounding the campus. A successful evening indeed".

The posters were advertising an event by The Life Institute and Unbroken Ireland that had been scheduled for a Dublin hotel tonight.

The event was subsequently cancelled.

The posters used the phrases "I was conceived in rape. I’m still a human being" and “My child is innocent, just like me. Our laws should punish rapists, not babies".

The post was subsequently deleted from Facebook after Trinity's Central Societies Committee informed them that sharing the pictures breached university rules for clubs and societies.

In a statement on the matter released to Independent.ie Trinity PBP defended the removal of the posters while adding that the two members pictured in the post were operating in a personal capacity.

"We took it upon ourselves to remove a number of vile anti-choice posters dotted around the campus." the statement read.

"We did this after a conversation with a rape survivor who was deeply disturbed by their content.

"People who discuss political conflict purely in terms of speech and discourse are often the most insulated from the material consequences of bigotry and inequality.

"We believe that it is fair and right to take direct action to counter far-right politics including anti-choice zealotry that seeks to traumatize and shame women.

"This action was taken by two individuals and doesn't reflect on People Before Profit or its Trinity branch."

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Meanwhile, Unbroken Ireland have said they will not be "silenced by bullies" and they plan to hold an event outside the Spencer Hotel this evening after the event there was cancelled.

Laura Ní Chonghaile of Unbroken Ireland, an organisation for women who became pregnant from rape, or were conceived in rape, said: "We are tired of being silenced, and we will no longer accept attempts to silence us, or to make us feel ashamed."

"Is this the 19th century where aggressive men feel they can tear down our message and abuse us for sharing our experiences and having a point of view?"

In response to their posters being taken down Ms Ní Chonghaile said: "There is no place in a democratic debate for this extremism, and for shouting down women who have been raped."

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