Tuesday 24 April 2018

Pensioner cries on Liveline following ‘freak’ Luas accident in which dog died

The dog was killed in a 'freak' Luas accident
The dog was killed in a 'freak' Luas accident

AN elderly pensioner was left heartbroken after her little dog died following a “freak accident” on the Luas.

Mary Reilly was travelling with her brother and sister-in-law Mary Bradley on the Luas between the Kylemore and Red Cow stops when the accident occurred.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on RTE’s Liveline earlier this afternoon, an upset Mrs Reilly told of how the leash for her one-year-old Chihuahua Gizmo got caught in the doors of the Luas during the incident this morning at 10.30am.

Mrs Bradley and her sister-in-law were about to disembark when Gizmo, who was on a lead, jumped ahead of them.

“My brother had gotten off the Luas, and me and my sister-in-law [were behind him] and I was still holding the lead, but he jumped off.

“I’ve never seen anything to happen so quick. I don’t know how the door closed,” Mrs Reilly said.

“She had him on the lead, the lead got caught in the door and we were trying to bang the door to open it because it’s a dog and we were panicking,” sister-in-law Mary Bradley told the RTE broadcaster.

It’s understood the dog ran alongside the Luas before it impacted against wall. It’s believed he died instantly.

Mrs Reilly said her brother, who was standing at the stop, tried to get the driver’s attention but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the two women were standing inside the tram “in hysterics”.

“I was afraid to look,” Mrs Reilly said.

She told Joe that the incident occurred between the Kylemore and Red Cow stops on the Red Line.

“I don’t know how far we went, there are no stops there for a long time. We went back on another Luas back to the stop.

“We walked along the tracks to look for him.”

It was shortly afterwards that they found Gizmo.

Mrs Reilly called her son-in-law to pick up Gizmo and bury him in her back garden beside a tree.

“I loved the little dog – he came everywhere with me.

“He had a little beside my bed – he just came everywhere with me.

“Everyone knew him around Ballyfermot [where she lives].

“He was always with me, on the lead. I would pick him up to go to the shops and all the shopkeepers knew him.”

Mrs Reilly said she had Gizmo for a year and got him off a relative.

“She had him and she was out working all day and she brought him down to me one and I fell in love with him.

“And she said to me ‘would you like to keep him?’

“Ah here I can’t resist him, he’s lovely.

“I used to go along with him and he had a little coat he used to wear.

“Everybody used to say to me he was gorgeous; any little child who passed by him would rub him.

“He was a friendly little fella – he wouldn’t go to bed unless I would go.

“I live on my own, my husband died a few years ago.

“He would wait until I went to bed and would follow me up. He had a little bed beside my bed.

“And he wouldn’t let anyone near that room.”

Mrs Reilly described the incident as a “totally freak accident”.

Broadcaster Joe Duffy consoled the upset pensioner, telling her she did her best and there was nothing she could do.

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