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Sunday 18 August 2019

Pensioner caught red handed taking other passenger's phone at Dublin Airport security area

Dublin airport
Dublin airport

Cian Murray

A Dublin man's phone was stolen by a woman in her mid-70s at the security area in Dublin airport this morning.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One, Gavin O’Reilly from Greystones, revealed that his phone and passport were taken at Dublin Airport.

After going through the security area, Mr O'Reilly noticed that he no longer had his passport or iPhone with him.

He told Joe Duffy on Liveline: "They did a search around the area, called the supervisor, called the airport police. They came along and they checked the video. They said: 'We have seen an elderly couple. They seemed to have touched and moved the passports, so we are going to have a quick chat with them'."

"This is at 6:30am in the morning. At that stage, we had missed the flights... the police went down and talked with the elderly couple.

"[The police said:] look, we have done our best, it is obviously not them. They don't have it... A few minutes later, the police [said] we have found your passport but we haven't got the phone. The passport was discarded in the duty-free area, [the garda said] you probably dropped the phone nearby."

Mr O'Reilly told Gardaí that he was not in that area since arriving at the airport. A garda suggested using the 'FindmyiPhone' app, which led to them retrieving the phone.

"I used my partner's phone and saw it was 300 metres away," he said before proceeding to alert the airport police. The app directed Mr O'Reilly to the boarding area where the elderly couple they had previously questioned were standing.

He used the app to set off the phone's alarm.

"[The garda] heard the phone, said please open your bag [to the woman] and out pops the phone.

"I was asked whether I want to press charges or not. You are looking at an elderly couple [in their mid-70s]. You are thinking of your own parents... but I have to press charges, this is a criminal offence. She was arrested and has subsequently been cautioned. That is the end of the matter. "

The woman who was caught with the phone was travelling to Vilnius in Lithuania.

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