Monday 19 November 2018

'Paul Stokes is still here, but Pat Kenny won't be soon'

Lorna Reid

SELF-STYLED inventor Paul Stokes has escalated his war of attrition against RTE by daubing walls near the home of broadcaster Pat Kenny with threatening messages.

The 52-year-old spent Christmas in Cloverhill Prison when he was remanded there in custody after a special district court sitting on Christmas Eve.

He has now put himself on a collision course with the law after breaching his bail conditions in his campaign of hostility against the broadcaster.

Stokes breached his bail conditions when he plastered walls near the home of 'Late Late Show' host Pat Kenny with posters warning: "Paul Stokes is still here, but Pat Kenny won't be soon."

He was seen near Kenny's Dalkey home and was arrested by gardai from Dun Laoghaire and spent Christmas in Cloverhill Prison on remand.

He is due to appear in court tomorrow.

Stokes was arrested and charged with harassment contrary to Section 10 of the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act.

If he is convicted on indictment for intentionally or recklessly interfering with another person's peace or privacy or causing them alarm, harm or distress, Stokes - of Montpelier Parade, Monkstown, Co Dublin - could face up to seven years in jail.

Last month, Stokes forced his way unto the set of 'the Late Late Show' after RTE had refused to publicise his computer-based safety invention which, he claims, would put an end to all road deaths.

Confronting Pat Kenny live on air, the intruder let fly with a string of invective against the show host and his predecessor Gay Byrne, saying both men were "insufferable arseholes". Just eight days later, Stokes escalated his campaign against RTE when he rammed his car into the revolving doors at the RTE television centre in Montrose.

Charged with criminal damage, he was released on bail and told that conditions of his bail included an undertaking to stay outside a two-mile radius of RTE and to have no contact with RTE management and personnel at the station.

He is due in court on January 15 in relation to a charge of criminal damage to the RTE building.

Mr Stokes has already said that he believes RTE is failing in its duty as the public broadcaster by refusing to give his invention any air time.

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